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“Family Portrait” was inspired by the common personification of daily objects. Characteristics and storyline were based off each design’s silhouette.

Photo: Ingmar Chen
Storytelling, styling, ceramics: Selena Liu
Each had family member has its own unique story; each portrait is used to accentuate the object’s personality.

“Growing Boy” is feeling out his gender while trying to fit in with his group of robust friends.

“Young Momma” is blooming and seemingly has everything under control, but is still trying to wrap her head around unexpected motherhood.

“Cheesy Dad” emerges from the garage with a grin and freshly shaven face to tell you a solid dad joke, but for some reason he always smells like cheese.

There she goes redefining herself yet again…For the “Unknown Sister,” puberty isn't in her favor so she’s waiting for herself to grow out it.

Don’t break that! “Boisterous Boy” is rougher than most boys his age. He makes hovering babysitters uneasy for he tends to attract trouble.

The “Inquisitive Father” has a slight accent from somewhere you can’t seem place. If you ever stay for dinner, he asks you countless questions about your life. He loves collecting specimens and wears suits everyday, even on weekends.

“Exuberant Mom” is fine with her children watching whatever they want as long as they eat her newly-discovered vegan cooking. She also demands an annual family trip to Cape Cod so she can ditch her city wardrobe

Oh no! “Gurgling Baby” is fresh from the womb, crying and spewing milk everywhere. His current interests are pretty colors and floating lights.

Sh! “Uneven Father” is always on edge, and it’s best to never go inside his library where he keeps stash of…well, you know.

“Seductive Mother” is secretly bored of being a housewife and is on the hunt for new entertainment to move into her neighborhood.